Monday, November 1, 2010

Want your blog followed?

I know, I know- I'm never here. As explained previously I am really focusing on Mr. Bob Dylan right now- developing an application for a Masters program on the transformative aspects both personally and culturally of the language and imagery he uses- which is extraordinary. Cryptic though people find it, there are gems that can give some AHA moments about life just as any good poetry, good literature and Scripture for world religions can do.

But that is neither here nor there for this post.
Want your blog followed? An odd question from me, eh? I never post to my blog partly because I have no followers- and because I am working on the above.
Though I hope to change that soon as my project is coming together.

Here is a link to a facebook group that helps promote blogs! It looks to be a very interesting way of promotion- helping each other along.
Here is a post by one of the group I particularly liked given my hesitancy/truancy in posting (and commenting) myself.

Of course you couple of followers I do have seem to have no trouble attracting followers and keeping up- with occasional breaks for travel and business and teaching etc.- (see, I do check you out!) but I think you may find some good positive reading on the blog I just posted and some assistance for gaining even more readers. I'm going to do it .... just as soon as I start blogging again- LOL

Those who follow me on facebook are probably sick of my Dylan articles and links I am always posting- I see very few "likes" on them- but I cannot help it. I just can't the man has taken me over- (scary? at this age) Eventually I will find followers friends there who are also Dylanophiles I guess.

Still- If you think I'm obsessed check out Lorilie Dylan's bedroom- and be amazed. She must have 150 framed Dylan pix on her walls- AND she is no kid either! My 21" wall decal looks trifling by comparison.
Not a very good pic- Just an afterthought so I hurried. It is over my jewelry making desk.