Thursday, March 18, 2010

beginning again- and again- and again

The "just do it" bug has finally kicked me in the butt!
I have been wanting to start a new blog focusing on art collage/visual journaling and my etsy collage stuff shop for soooo long- but as I haven't been making any art- doing any collage or journaling ever since I began that shop I felt dopey beginning a blog about it!
Of course I feel dopey writing to no-one here too.

Last summer I did some Art Journaling following the fabulous Kelly Kilmer Journaling prompts class. I joined for 3 or 4 months- forget which- I didn't do every day but I did more than I had done in a couple of years- but then I decided I needed to get this ETSY shop going that had been perking in my head for over a year.
All my efforts have been going to that- and to tell you the truth- I'm kind of not into it right now- even though I have gazillions of images ready to make sheets out of.
OH- the shop is a digital collage sheet/imagery shop.

Anyway- I have been wanting to do the Sarah Whitmire Soul Collage prompts for at least 6 months- I pull them up on my browser and the page stays there until I shut down the computer - (every couple of weeks)
I joined her .ning group but haven't done anything yet-
I even joined the Soul Journaling Yahoo Group- but still- no participation or art.

Partly I tell myself I won't be able to afford it after I do the three weeks of free prompts-
But seriously- to quote Seth Myers- "Really...?"

So tonight I am beginning- I am in the process of preparing a new art journal and following the first prompt.
Lets see what happens.
I guess the first thing to do is go to the groups and say "hey" and intro myself.


  1. Cool. Its nice to meet another Soul Collager(sp). I too joined the .ning group but haven't done too much. I started making my deck so hopefully I will have a completed set in the future. Contact me and we will chat. K.

  2. HI Kimberly-
    I didn't see this until recently- like a minute ago. I was so frustrated with trying to get signed back in to my account- see post above- that I didn't even think to look for comments-
    I somehow thought they would be emailed.
    I want to make the blog a daily part of life but I haven't gotten into the swing of it yet.

    I will definitely come by soon.