Wednesday, March 24, 2010

working on it...

So- I have worked on my soul collage journal- its taken me since the last post to do two days of prompts but that is OK.
I was waylaid- brought low- by my camera dying on me as I was taking pictures to post.
I can't really afford another camera- but... I have to have one so I can sell-sell-sell all my excess!
So, I ordered this one in blue from HSN since they have a flex pay option and divided the payments over the course of three months.PLUS free shipping which is always good. I might have chosen something different but this had the flex play so this is what I got. I'm guessing it will come next week.

I've been working on more collage sheets- though truth be told I'm starting to resent myself for starting that shop instead of just making art!
However because I did start that shop and am editing images constantly I have tons of ideas perking for some collage projects.

I can't post pix of what I'm working on re: soul collage journal but here is a page from last summer's collage journaling.


  1. It was a pleasure meeting you last night......think about putting together a sample of your journal if you want to consider teaching a class.

  2. To find out what First Saturday is come back to my blog and click on the red, white and blue tilly First Saturday rectangle on the side will take you to what First Saturday is. Let me know if it worked.

  3. OH for crying out loud.
    I just saw these comments too.

    Bad Blogger-
    Bad, bad blogger.