Saturday, August 14, 2010

16 years-

Well, really only 11 days with no post.
(no one is out there anyway but its all good. Once I'm posting more and being able to interact more with others in cyber-artville I'm hoping for some interaction here.
I've been looking at blogs but not doing much commenting thinking I'm just gonna look for a minute and not get caught up- save time- doesn't work that way.

I took my studio space apart (again) and am slowly putting it back together. Always trying to make more space/storage- and want some aesthetically appealing visuals which I can't seem to get moving on-oddly.
same with the whole house- I still have boxes of "stuff" to unpack and place around the house, art hang up etc.
It just seems that no matter which room I go into there are things to be done- when I pick up something in the Living Room to bring to the Bedroom I get sidetracked into the bedroom- when I bring something to the Kitchen an hour later I'm there...
And we all know what happens when we do something on the internet- check your email or look at a blog and ... where did the time go?
Meantime- life goes on all around me.

I'm planning my bob dylan journals and blog now and that is the one thing I'm excited about.
Still looking for a title.
I startede with "How Can I Explain?" (from a Dylan song)
I've been looking for some I've already done but can't find the pix on my computer.
Its because I Yam what I Yam! LOL


  1. Love this creation. You are doing really good. Most of us that have busy lives just do not blog everyday. I look forward to your next post. Keep up the good work :)