Wednesday, August 4, 2010


well- despite my good intentions I am still not posting regularly.


I once had a friend who said she was going to have --
"she meant well..."
on her gravestone!

I think of that whenever I think of my blogging.

On top of that I believe I am going to start another blog*- Yes, that is right- because I am doing so brilliantly and responsibly with this project I think it imperative that I begin yet another one.

"What would possess you?" you might rightfully ask-
Well its Bob Dylan.
I have been wanting to do some art journals with Dylan lyrics as my focus- Focus is hard for me to come by- I seem to flit and forget.
(hmmm- good title for something)
But Dylan is always a presence over the years- his lyrics often open up and reveal new ideas/thoughts/AHA's in symbolic terms about personal ruminations. The other day I was listening to a song that I have probably heard 1000 times over the course of 45 years- (Blonde on Blonde was released in 1965) For some reason those same lines that I have sung along with took on a kind of life of their own- (mine!) and I had some insights that I thought I would/could/should journal about.
And then I realized that if I started an art journal Blog. I might be more apt to actually do and post the art.

So that is the scoop for me.
I'm a Dylan geek- I call him my imaginary boyfriend- and I'm proud of it!- (thought perhaps slightly embarrassed every so often!) LOL

*Actually I did set it up but I'm going to delete it and use a different email address

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